Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mabou Coal Mines Beach

I was just in Cape Breton and took the opportunity to go down to Mabou Coal Mines Beach.  I have only known this beach in the summer and it is the same, but different. All of the colours were darker and cooler

The tide was high and the day was cold, but still - very still.  And very misty in the distance. The water was flat, flat, flat with only ripples.  It didn't actually disappear into the sky, but if it had been mistier it would have. My sister and I walked as far as we could without walking into the Northumberland Strait.  I tested the water and it was the sort of cold that would numb you in seconds.

The beach didn't have too much shingle on it, but high up on the beach were mounds and mounds of fine graded stones.  Not much else, some seaweed, a bit of driftwood, a few shells.  No dead cows.  We did once find a dead cow here.

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