Thursday, April 07, 2011

Kyoto Bamboo Print

When I got back from that trip to Japan in 2008 I immediately made prints featuring bamboo.  Small prints, medium sized prints, great big prints, colourful prints - no black and white prints though.  That short walk through the bamboo forest certainly inspired an awful lot of printing in a very short time.

Well I've started on bamboo prints again.  I love the verticality of the trunks and the fact that I can overprint them and make a real forest.  Not that I did that in this print.  I think I was in a stark mood when I made this.  The print is made of three blocks, just placed where I wanted them and taped down before I rolled the ink on.  I am getting a feeling I will do red bamboo next.  Or red and black.

I have never yet captured the feeling of that forest.

Kyoto Bamboo can be found here.

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