Friday, February 18, 2011

Inspired by Hundertwasser

I have a lot of leftover pieces of linoleum - long thin pieces stored in my studio.  I've pulled them out of the cupboard, considered them, put them back and then repeated the process a few months later.  I never threw them out because I always thought I would come up with some printerly idea for them.  Well the idea struck last August here.

I had an opportunity to revisit Hundertwasser's work and the 'AHA' button went off in my head.  One block was quickly cut, then all sorts of other things intervened and finally this February I made enough blocks to produce this print.

This style of print lets me work with patterns - lots of patterns - love it.  I can also combine the patterns with the striped backgrounds that I started to use when I made prints of my grandmother's quilts. All in all, a very satisfactory combination of ideas.

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  1. I really like this. Beautiful mixture of texture and color :)