Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ingrid's New Golf Socks

So there I was wanting to make a print of argyle patterned socks. I don't know where that idea came from. The ether I suppose. At any rate, the idea was there so I pursued it, except that I didn't end up with argyle socks at all. They are socks alright, just not argyle ones.

I brought a proof of the print into work and I was thinking to myself 'Who in the world would actually wear socks that looked like this?. I mean, look at the colour and pattern combination. The robin's egg blue, the Dijon mustard yellow, the harsh red. No self respecting person would ever wear these. They are quite ugly'. But then I thought - maybe Ingrid would. (Obviously another thought out of the ether.)

To my surprise, when I showed them to her, Ingrid said they would make great golf socks. She is an avid golfer and, I suppose, has paid attention to fashion on the golf scene - unlike myself. So I asked if I could name the print after her and that was fine except she asked me to put the word 'new' in the title. As Ingrid explained it, she is terribly hard on her golf socks and they have holes in them all the time.

Available for sale here.

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